Act responsible as
member of the network

As a member of the Wesemann Group network, we align with their corporate philosophy when it comes to environmental protection and the responsible use of resources.

In addition, we are committed to comply with all applicable legal requirements in the area of HSE (health, safety, environment) and to guarantee safety at work and health protection.

During project activities, we always pay attention to the corresponding rules, regulations and necessities in order to prevent dangerous situations.

The same applies to the execution of our activities, the production and installation of media systems, where we consistently pay attention to precise, high quality and proper execution, in order to guarantee the safety and functionality of the projects entrusted to us.

Responsibility at Wesemann

Our locations

Here you will find our two Saxon locations: head office and branch office:

Our brochure

Mesycon GmbH corporate brochure as PDF to view or download.