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The continuation of production:
Utmost precision and expertise

Our qualified installation staff and site managers have years of professional experience in the field of ultrapure media supply, enabling them to meet the requirements of the complex systems and to install them timely.

MESYCON GmbH supplies and installs all components of a media supply system from the source (tank, bottles etc.) to tapping points, as well as the appropriate monitoring and controlling units.

Services in field of installation

installation of pipeline network using different materials (stainless steel, copper, PP, PE, PVDF, PVC)

assembly and connection of the supply network using compression fittings, orbital welding, soldering, pressing

nstallation of systems for the supply of special and high-purity gases, vacuum, compressed air, supply and disposal of chemical, deionized, high-purity and process water

integration of electrical measuring-, control-, shut-off- and warning devices

certificate as welding Specialist Company according to DIN EN ISO 3834

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Here you will find our two Saxon locations: head office and branch office:

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Mesycon GmbH corporate brochure as PDF to view or download.