Demineralized and ultrapure water systems

Demineralized and ultrapure water systems

Media-System for DEMI- and
Ultrapurewater in PP-H and PVDF

MESYCON produces for you deionised and ultrapure water systems in PP-H and PVDF.

MESYCON GmbH as a system provider takes over every step in the construction of deionised and ultrapure water systems: consulting, planning and development, design, production, installation and commissioning as well as maintenance and services

MESYCON GmbH is also your suitable and competent partner for the production of individual components in this field.


Products in the field of DEMI- und Ultrapure Water System

pipeline networks extending from the media source to the tapping point, made of materials according to the usage requirements: Plastic PVC, PP, PVDF, and PFA (butt welded or infrared welded)

consumption measuring devices

filter stations

measuring and control stations, control valves, tapping points

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